LAST Collective


Beth Arnold

Melanie Irwin

Katie Lee

Clare Rae

Hanna Tai


Notes on Light and Air (Shoreline Score)
Evidence of Life: MoreArt 2022
Melbourne Art Fair Project Room

Recent Work 2019-20

LIGHT: The Second LAST Collective Show 2017
The First LAST Collective Show 2016


Print set (blue stamp) 2017

Print set (black stamp) 2016

Artists’ works 

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Light and Air and Space and Time (LAST) is an artist collective. Founding members Beth Arnold, Melanie Irwin, Katie Lee, Clare Rae and Hanna Tai have come together with shared affinities among their practices and a firm belief that independent artists don’t have to work alone.

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Artists’ works

Melanie Irwin, Spherical Approximations: The Material Has No Memory 11, 2015
Archival pigment print
29.7 x 42 cm
Photo: Christian Capurro
Edition 1 of 5

Katie Lee, Pendulum Trials (brick, bronze, chain, glazed ceramic, string) 2016
Archival pigment print
59.4 x 84.1cm
Edition 1 of 3

Clare Rae, Untitled II from the series Stages, 2014
Silver gelatin print, framed in Victorian Ash
69.5 x 58 cm framed
Edition 2 of  3

Hanna Tai, The very name geometry indicates that the concept of space is psychologically connected with the earth as an ever-present body of reference from the series Einstein was Right, 2013
C-type print
35 x 52 cm
Edition 2 of 5